Correspondence Courses in Psychology

Dr. Shamas currently offers the following courses through the Correspondence office at the University of Arizona's Extended University:
Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology
Psychology 230: Psychological Measurement  and Statistics
Psychology 240: Human Development
Psychology 254: Psychology of Love and Spirituality 
Psychology 290: Research Methods
Psychology 302: Introduction to Biopsychology   
Psychology 325: Cognitive Psychology   
Psychology 329: Sensation and Perception   
Psychology 340: Cognitive Development   
Psychology 352: Personality
Psychology 358: Psychology of Consciousness
Psychology 360: Social Psychology
Psychology 375: Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Psychology 381: Abnormal Psychology   
Psychology 383: Health Psychology
Psychology 456: Psychology of Death  and Loss
Psychology 459: Adult Development and Aging 
Psychology 478: Sleep and Sleep Disorders (Readings)

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