Dr. Shamas' Bio

Victor Shamas received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Arizona in 1994 and his MS in Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1984. He has taught Introduction to Psychology, Psychological Measurement and Statistics, Human Development, Psychology of Love and Spirituality, Psychology of Excellence, Research Methods, Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Cognitive Development, Personality, Psychology of Consciousness, Social Psychology, Industrial/Organization Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychology of Death and Loss, Adult Development and Aging, Sleep and Sleep Disorders, and Thinking Reasoning and Problem-Solving. He has been a member of the faculty at The Evergreen State College, St. Martin’s College, Green River Community College, and the University of Arizona.

Dr. Shamas has a strong commitment to interdisciplinary education and has taught courses in the fields of psychology, chemistry, natural history, counseling, and communications. In 1986, he was named the first Master Learner in the State of Washington as part of a program coordinated by the Washington Center for the Advancement of Undergraduate Education. He has been the recipient of research fellowships from the National Science Foundation and the McDonnell-Pew Foundation. His research focuses on the role of consciousness in the creative process.

Besides his empirical work, he has co-authored theoretical papers in Behavioral and Brain Sciences and in the following edited volumes: Implicit Memory and Metacognition by Lynne Reder (1996), Implicit Cognition by Geoffrey Underwood (1996), and Contemporary Hypnosis Research by Erika Fromm and Michael Nash (1992). Dr. Shamas has recently published a set of multimedia instructional materials called Visualizing Addiction.

Victor Shamas, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
520-621-7447 (voice)
520-621-9306 (fax)

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