Readings for Adult Development and Aging

The following links will take you to the Focus Task readings for Adult Development and Aging (Psyc 459):

"Redefining Success" by Meg McGowan

"On the Path to Right Livelihood" by Bobbye Middendorf

"Is It Time to Dump the Forty-Hour Week?" by Dennis Kaplan & Sharon Chilton

"Friendship" by Beth Baker

"Misanthropes" by Mark Matousek

"The Liberation of Love" by Jonn Salovaara

"Parenting from the Heart" by Julie Brow

"The New Gathering" by Ellen Uzelac

"The Face of Responsibility" by Brian Lavendal

"Forgiveness" by Michael Ross

"Less is More in Pursuit of Happiness" by Claudia Lenart

"Listening to Midlife" by Bill Dwyer

"Fears at 40 Something" by Paula Payne Hardin

"A Good Death" by Pythia Peay

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